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What is a Mentor?

As a Mentor you will contribute to the success of your Club, make new friends and build new skills.  By making yourself available to a Mentee you will be sharing your play experience and furthering the reputation of the Club as an inclusive, welcoming sport regardless of skill level.


A Good Mentor is:

•  a person who provides a Mentee with the tools, guidance, support, and feedback required to learn and enjoy the game.  Anyone at any skill level can be a Mentor.

•  a role model and ambassador for both the game and the Club. The Mentor understands the game, can share game fundamentals and has a good working knowledge of the Club’s policies and procedures.

•  a player that has a love of the game and is willing to share their knowledge in an open and enthusiastic manner.

•  available for questions and play with their Mentee at a mutually agreeable time . 

•  a player that is willing to provide feedback in a constructive and respectful manner


Mentors can assist Mentees with goal setting by observing play or drills and identifying areas for improvement. Skill recommendations to the Mentee can include referral/introduction to coaches for professional play instruction when appropriate. A Mentor may have one or more Mentees.

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