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Our Mentoring Program brings Club members together in an environment that furthers the enjoyment of the game and contributes to an overall positive Club experience. Our Club has excellent players, and we are hoping to tap into their rich knowledge in order to guide others. The goals for this program  are to build relationships between players, increase engagement and remove real or perceived barriers between newer and experienced players. The benefits will include increased member engagement and appreciation for various skill building options the Club makes available.


Skills needed to play the game will be reinforced for Mentees newer to the game such as the rules, etiquette, game strategy as well as tips on Club protocols. Mentors can assist new Club members in meeting others of similar skill level and help Mentees create a play network.  More experienced players can enjoy the opportunity to practice, play and learn from members at a higher skill level. Participation in the Mentoring Program is voluntary and Mentors can be from all levels of play.


For those who want to build their skills in a more structured way, the Club’s coaches provide individual coaching and skill clinics. These services are provided on a fee for service basis.


The definitions below are meant to clarify the differences between the services of a Coach and the Mentoring Program...


Mentoring is a reciprocal learning relationship in which a mentor and mentee agree to work collaboratively to achieve mutually defined goals that will develop a mentee’s skills, abilities, knowledge and thinking. A Mentor is an individual with more experience and is willing to share knowledge with someone less experienced.



Coaching refers to a method of training, or instructing an individual or a group on how to develop or enhance their skills.

Membership Committee Role

A Mentorship Coordinator will be appointed by the Membership Committee and will be part of this Committee. The Coordinator will be responsible for offering orientation sessions for both Mentors and Mentees. During these sessions the Coordinator will discuss the roles and responsibilities of both parties, feedback requests and what to do if issues arise. Information will also be provided on goal setting and why this is an important aspect of the Mentorship Program. If necessary the Mentorship Coordinator can assist with matching Mentees and Mentors.

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