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How to Become a Mentee


1.    Identify one or two specific goals you want to work on with a mentor.  An example is:  I need to develop consistency in making drop shots in a game situation.


2.    Identify a Mentor from the Kamloops Pickleball Club Mentor List who you would like to work with and reach out to them.


3.    Clearly let your potential Mentor know what your expectations are.  For example, “I have two goals I’d like to work on and I’m hoping we can get together in game situations at least three times over the next month”.  Remember this is a negotiation so your Mentor may describe what they are prepared to offer which may be different from what you ask for.    The Mentor may also discuss what more appropriate goals may be once they have had an opportunity to observe your play. When you reach agreement with a Mentor, please send an email to the Mentorship Coordinator outlining who your mentor is and the timeframe you’ve negotiated. The email address is:


4.    Arrange all activities in advance with your Mentor and make all required play arrangements (court reservations, invite other players, league play, etc.).


5.    Be on time and prepared to play at your pre-arranged meeting location.


6.    Accept your Mentor’s feedback with an open mind and ask for clarity if required


7.    Follow through on Mentor’s feedback before re-engaging with the Mentorship program.  This feedback may be a referral to Coaching or watching you-tube videos or finding a drilling partner to work on a specific skill (i.e. dinking or 3rd shot drop) before getting back together with the Mentor.


8.    Provide feedback to the Mentor in an open and positive manner.


9.    Provide feedback on the Mentorship Program to the Kamloops Pickleball Club as requested.


10.   If you have any concerns or issues with your Mentor/Mentee relationship, please bring this forward to the Mentorship Coordinator as soon as possible via email:  The Mentorship Coordinator will work to support and assist in resolving concerns


11.    Please be aware that your Mentor may not be able to assist you in achieving all your goals.  If your Mentor refers you to a Coach for professional lessons, it is expected that you will explore that prior to re-entering the Mentoring Program and arranging another session.  If  you have recently taken lessons from a coach you may want to consider discussing practicing the drills the Coach recommended with your Mentor.

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